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0.9.11 -> 0.9.12

 - Fixes to the dynamic recompiler (Ari64)
 - Added ARMv5 support to the dynarec (Ari64)
 - New OSD system (Guillaume)
 - Added "built-in" DDK to make it easier to compile on Windows (Guillaume)
 - Improvements / Fixes in both SCSP and SCSP2 (Cwiiis)
 - Major improvements to the OpenGL renderer (Devmiyax)
 - Major improvements to the software renderer (Guillaume)
 - Some fixes to register emulation (Guillaume)
 - Improvements to line drawing functions in the software renderer (Cwiiis)
 - Fixed endianess bugs (Guillaume)
cocoa port:
 - Added "load image" feature (BlueCrab)
 - Fixed the resize bug (BlueCrab)
qt port:
 - Added shortcuts to toggle vdp2 layers (Benjamin Siskoo)
 - Fixed the "mute sound" feature (Guillaume)
 - It's now possible to compile the Qt port in "full software" mode (Guillaume)
 - Added an autostart option, disabled by default (Guillaume)
 - Now using a XDG compliant location for config file (Guillaume)
 - Added a debugger to the Qt port (CyberWarriorX)
 - DirectX cores can now be used in Qt port (CyberWarriorX)
 - Cheat search function (CyberWarriorX)
 - Option to show/hide menu and toolbar (Guillaume)
 - Close button in pad settings (Guillaume)

0.9.10 -> 0.9.11

 - Now using CMake as the default build system.
   For now, autotools based build and "custom" build systems are still supported.
 - New Cocoa port
 - Added a dynamic recompiling SH2 core for x86 and ARM
 - New SCSP implementation
 - Major update of the software renderer from the yabause-rr team
 - Added an option to allow to execute from the cache
 - Improvements to the OpenGL renderer
carbon port:
 - Improvements
gtk port:
 - Added command line option to enable/disable frame skipping / limiting.
 - Added frame skipping/limiting configuration in settings.
 - Added --autoload command line option
 - Vdp2 layers can be toggled from the Vdp2 debug window
psp port:
 - Added support for Media Engine CPU
 - Improvements to the PSP port 
qt port:
 - Added command line support
wii port:
 - Merged some stuff from the wiibrew fork, mostly related to SH2 emulation
windows port:
 - Fixed the XBox controller driver
 - Fixed the "open iso then cancel bug"

0.9.9 -> 0.9.10

 - Added code to make SCSP emulation frame-accurate (optional,
   enabled with --enable-scsp-frame-accurate configure switch).
 - Added a new 68000 emulation core.
software video core:
 - Added line scroll emulation.
 - Improved user clipping.
 - Added some basic vertical scroll emulation, enough to get
   Sonic Jam working.
gtk port
 - Gtk port is now compiling on Mac OS X.
 - Fixed full software screenshots.
 - Fixed store function in transfer dialog.
windows port:
 - Added 12 player support.
 - Fixed a bug that was causing the memory transfer dialog
   to register the wrong filename after pressing "Browse".
 - Fixed bugs in Goto Address dialog.
 - Fixed a bug that was causing the vdp2 viewer dialog
   to register the wrong filename after pressing "Browse".
 - Added MD saving in SCU DSP debug dialog.
 - Added new Ram Watch dialog.
 - Added video recording feature.
 - Added move recording feature.
 - Added Lithuanian translation.
 - New sound core using OpenAL.
 - Added joystick core for Mac OS X.
 - Added a joystick core for Linux.
 - Added a PSP port.
 - Added support for loading ELF binaries.
 - Now using gettimeofday when available for better resolution.
 - Fixed save states.

0.9.8 -> 0.9.9

opengl video core:
 - Fixed a bug that was causing some games to
   crash (albert odyssey, dragon ball, etc.)
gtk port:
 - Automatic detection of current locale.
qt port:
 - Added support of DESTDIR and --program-prefix
 - Automatic detection of current locale.
 - Added support for multiple players.
windows port:
 - Fixed crash when going into settings.
 - Fixed mouse wheel usage in disassembler.
 - Rewrote as an unicode application.
 - Fixed the key configuration problem.
 - Fixed joypad support.
 - Partial fix for mouse wheel and slider problem.
 - Fixed fullscreen bug.
 - Hooks for renaming .desktop on installation.
 - .yts file are now installed.
 - Fixed parallel builds.
 - SDL peripheral core now handles all connected

0.9.7 -> 0.9.8

 - Fixed a bug in software renderer with rotating
opengl video core:
 - Added gouraud shading and mesh processing.
   This is not enabled by default.
software video core:
 - Fixed user clipping.
gtk port:
 - Added mouse support.
 - Configuration dialog now displays key names instead
   of values. Also made it so each different configuration
   is saved. This broke compatibility with old .ini files.
windows port:
 - Support for spaces in filenames when using CLI.
 - Added mouse support.
 - Added cheat search.
 - Added mouse emulation.
 - Added de, es, it, pt-br and sv translations
 - Support for "out of src" build.
 - Fixed compilation for non supported platforms.
   For instance this should fix compilation on dragonfly bsd.
   Fixed compilation on GNU/Hurd too.

0.9.6 -> 0.9.7

 - Added clipping for line-based drawing to software renderer.
 - Toggling a screen is now core independent.
 - Added per-character priority to software renderer.
gtk port:
 - Fixed fullscreen setting and added a keep ratio one.
 - Fixed a bug in the vdp2 debugger that was causing the emu to crash.
 - Full software mode can be compiled again.
 - Fixed segfault when taking screenshots in full software mode.
 - Fixed default value for region.
 - Window position is now saved and restored when re-opening the emu.
 - Fixed a problem when changing input cores.
qt port:
 - Improved compilation process: make (un)install now works.
 - Fix crash when configuring input while using translated version.
windows port:
 - Changed resolution list generation so it adds the resolution to the list,
   regardless of whether it supports 60 hz or not.
 - Fixed error when trying to add blank cheat code.
 - Fixed all code that allowed the user to choose filename for saving so it
   automatically places a default extension.
 - Save and Clear buttons are now enabled when loading a cheat file.
 - Fixed a bug with AR code adding where it was tracking the wrong edit
 - Fixed a bug when adding raw cheat codes.
 - Fixed bugs in vdp1 debugger.
 - Fixed a bug where saving/loading a save state and an error occured would
   cause sound looping.
 - Scroll bar in memory editor now works properly when you move the thumb
 - Added support for x64 builds in Visual Studio.
 - Fixed a bug that was causing older save states to fail.

0.9.5 -> 0.9.6

sdl joystick core:
 - Fixed it...
software video core:
 - Improvements and bug fixes.
carbon port:
 - Added detection of sdk in the build process.
 - Changed the cd core so that the first device found is used.
   Users shouldn't have anything to set up when using cd device now.
gtk port:
 - Tagged more strings to be translatable.
 - Fixed bugs when setting a resolution in settings.
 - Fixed controller settings so keys can now be configured even if
   emulation is not started.
qt port:
 - Removed libsjw core.
wii port:
 - Updated to use the last devkitppc.
 - Added support for classic controller and for wiimote, disabled
   keyboard support.
windows port:
 - Added command line support.
 - Updated copyright for some files where it was missing or
 - Fixes and improvements to the build process: fixed cross compilation
   of Qt port, added Wii port support, found a better way to "trigger"
   compilation of gen68k, fixed a bug when calling the sub-configure,
   .inc files are now cleaned, added MINI18N variable support, forwarded
   distclean rule to qt makefiles, configure now make sure the compiler
   is a cross compiler when cross compiling
 - Added a workaround for the "limits.h" problem... now distros should
   fix their headers...
 - Fixed the .desktop files for linux (gtk + qt ports)
 - Added translation files for fr and pt in the repository.

0.9.4 -> 0.9.5

 - Added 1010 and 1111 line emulator support.
cd block:
 - Reworked bin/cue support. Reading should be a lot more accurate
   now on tracks 2 and greater.
emulated bios:
 - Fixed a bug in BupGetDate year calculation.
 - Fixed a bug where interrupt mask wasn't being set correctly when
   using emulated bios.
 - Added support for SMPC NMIREQ command.
 - Added reset button emulation.
software video core:
 - Improved software renderer: window, line scroll, mosaic are now
   available and color offset and scroll screen has been fixed.
gtk port:
 - Tagged most of gtk port strings to be translatable.
qt port:
 - Added ability to specify address where binaries are loaded when
   using command line.
 - Other bug fixes.
wii port:
 - Added support for bios and game loading from sd card.
 - Added sound support.
 - Added usb keyboard support.
windows port:
 - Added pause emulation function.
 - Other bug fixes.
dreamcast port:
 - Rewrote all of the Dreamcast CD Interface in hand-optimized
 - Enabled use of the emulated bios if there is no saturn.bin on
   the CD.
 - Updated peripheral interface so both ports can now be used and
   multiple pads can now be connected to each port.
 - Added translation support through mini18n library.

0.9.3 -> 0.9.4

 - Fixed a timer bug.
 - Fixed a bug with mcire word writes.
 - Added wave file output core to available sound cores.
 - Fixed a bug in total level attenuation.
 - Fixed a bug in EG.
gtk port:
 - Redesigned memory dump window.
 - Redesigned SH2 debug window.
 - Other bug fixes.
qt port:
 - Added initial support. It should be pretty much on par with the gtk port.
wii port:
 - Added initial support.
windows port:
 - Fixed a bug where emulation wasn't paused when save/load state as was
   selected from the menu.
 - Changed disassembler so it can scroll up and down.
 - Tweaked error messages so it doesn't report invalid opcode errors when
   running the fast interpreter.
 - Added SCSP common control register debug info to SCSP debug dialog
 - Other bug fixes.
 - Added a few internal tweaks that should yield some performance gains.
 - Added support for saving and loading cheats.

0.9.2 -> 0.9.3

 - Fixed a couple of bugs with Netlink emulation.
cd block:
 - Tweaked error handling for cue files so it's more helpful to the user.
 - Fixed a bug in DSP MVI instruction.
 - Fixed a bug with DSP Program Ram Address.
 - Fixed ALU behaviour on NOP.
 - Other bug fixes.
 - Fixed a bug where coefficient reading wasn't making sure reads weren't
   going out of bounds.
 - Tweaked frame-skipping so it only skips if frame time is faster/slower
   than a 1/2 a frame. The results are much better now.
 - Added general VDP2 debug info functionality.
 - Added partial end code support to VDP1 texture debugging.
opengl video core:
 - Fixed a bug in 16 BPP sprites where pixels 0x0001-0x7FFF weren't
   transparent when transparency was enabled.
gtk port:
 - Redesigned the window so each part can now be resized.
 - Added a toolbar and removed the buttons.
 - The sprite list now displays texture thumbnails.
 - Added tooltips to "run" and "pause" buttons.
 - Redesigned VDP2 debug window.
windows port:
 - Fixed a bug that was causing Yabause to crash when run for the first time.
 - Added screen capture.
 - Reworked Input dialog so it'll allow for more than one peripheral(in the
 - Added a bunch of tools tips for basic and input settings.
 - Fixed a bug that was causing wrong VDP1 command information to sometimes
   be displayed.
 - Other bug fixes.
 - Fixed a bug that was causing the wrong breakpoint to be removed from the
   breakpoint list.
 - Text length is now limited correctly in breakpoint edit text controls.
 - Tweaked memory breakpoints so that regardless of whether you're using
   cached or cache-through addresses variations of an address, it'll still
   detect and break when the memory is accessed.
 - Other bug fixes.

0.9.1 -> 0.9.2

cd block:
 - Fixed a bug in periodic timing. Most movies should play correctly now.
 - Other bug fixes
 - Fixed a bug that was causing reversed panning.
 - Fixed a bug in SCSP slot debug stats.
 - Fixed a bug that caused Yabause to crash when fetching instructions from
   some areas.
 - Fixed undocumented plane size setting when debugging vdp2
 - Special Color Calculation mode added to vdp2 debugging
opengl video core:
 - Added the eight missing sprite types in Vdp1ReadPriority.
software video core:
 - Fixed a bug where Polygons that used non-RGB values had the wrong
 - Fixed a bug that was causing some scrolling issues.
gtk port:
 - CD, sound, and video cores can now be changed without restarting the
 - Added basic support for save states.
windows port:
 - Fixed compilation with MSYS.
 - Changed SCSP debug dialog so it allows for individual slot saving.
 - Fixed a bug when using goto address in memory editor.
 - Fixed a bug where Yabause crashed when joystick was unplugged.
 - Added memory search support.
 - Fixed cheat dialog. Codes should show up after re-opening it.
 - Fixed some bugs where vdp1/vdp2 layers wouldn't be drawn after switching
   video cores.
 - Fixed a bug when switching between opengl and software video cores.
 - Added memory search function.

0.9.0 -> 0.9.1

 - Fixed slot pitch LFO. Amplitude LFO is probably more accurate now too.
emulated bios:
 - Added Backup RAM manager functions.
opengl video core:
 - Fixed a bug with VDP2 2x2 plane size rotation screens.
 - Optimized tile mode rotation screens
 - Added support for VDP1 polyline.
software video core:
 - FPS display now working.
 - Added support for VDP2 rotation without coefficient tables.
 - Fixed a bug in VDP2 24 BPP bitmap mode.
 - Fixed several clipping bugs in Normal and Scaled Sprites.
 - Fixed a bug with VDP2 2x2 plane size rotation screens.
 - Optimized tile mode rotation screens.
linux port:
 - Cursor now disappears after 2 seconds of inactivity in the gtk port.
macos port:
 - New high resolution icon.
 - Add some missing OS X application property list keys.
windows port:
 - Fixed window position bug.
 - Other bug fixes.
 - Tweaked frame timing code so it's more accurate.
 - Re-implemented save states.
 - Some internal changes do so that sound, video, and cd cores can be changed
   at runtime.

0.8.6 -> 0.9.0

opengl video core:
 - Added support for VDP1 line draw.
 - Added support for VDP2 Rotation with coefficient tables.
 - Other bug fixes.
software video core:
 - Added support for VDP1 frame buffer switching.
 - Added support for VDP2 Rotation with coefficient tables.
 - Fixed a bug in frame buffer erasing.
 - Other bug fixes.
linux port:
 - Fixed a bug on 64 bits CPU.
 - Hanged the location of the ini file to conform to XDG specification.
 - Removed some old useless code.
 - Added a "subclass" to GtkDrawingArea so sprite textures and screenshots
   can now be saved through a popup menu.
macos port:
 - Added fullscreen support.
 - Added graphics layer toggling.
windows port:
 - Fixed a stack corruption bug in DirectInput code.
 - Fixed(hopefully this time) the joystick centering bug.

0.8.5 -> 0.8.6

 - Fixed a bug which caused the emulator to crash if 68k execution jumped to
   an invalid address.
 - Fixed a bug where the slot buffer pointers weren't set correctly.
 - Added a function for debugging SCSP registers
 - MODR returns the correct version number now.
 - Fixed a bug that caused Local Coordinates, etc. commands to not get executed
software video core:
 - Added vdp2 horizontal flip for cell mode.
linux port:
 - Improved vdp1 window a bit.
 - Updated website url.
 - Some cleanups
macos port:
 - Added browse buttons for some settings.
 - Added universal build support.
 - Emulation loop was optimized.
 - Fixed bug when "Run" is selected from the menu.
 - Audio is now muted when emulator is paused.
 - Fixed Backup RAM saving.
 - Fixed a bug that was causing filenames to be parsed wrong.
 - Other bug fixes and cleanups.
windows port:
 - msys compiling is now fixed.
 - Windows position is now saved when program exits.
 - Fixed sound volume adjustment. Should be more accurate now.
 - Fixed centering bug on joysticks.
 - Fixed POV hat diagonals.
 - Sound is now muted in the about dialog.
 - Other bug fixes.
 - Added COFF file support.

0.8.0 -> 0.8.5

 - Added functions for dumping individual slots to wav files. 
 - Fixed SCU execution speed
 - Added DVDNTL/DVDNTH mirrors
 - Added overflow interrupt
 - Added function for displaying vdp1 textures for debugging
 - Other bug fixes
 - Added more RBG0 debug info
 - Added a core system for m68k and a c68k core interface.
 - Added a dummy m68k core based on old yabause code, working enough
   to boot the bios.
emulated bios:
 - Registers are now reset correctly
 - Fixed bug in BiosSetSh2Interrupt
 - Added Read/Write Save support
 - Added undocumented CD Authentication function
opengl video core:
 - RBG0 bug fixes
 - Rotation Screen improvements
software video core:
 - Added 32 BPP cell draw mode
bsd port:
 - Added support for OpenBSD
linux port:
 - Fixed the segfault that occured when opening the preferences dialog.
 - Added texture display in vdp1 debug dialog
 - Other GUI improvements
macos port:
 - Added browse button for bios setting
 - Other bug fixes
windows port:
 - Fixed a bug that was causing sound to not work on some people's computers.
 - Added texture display in vdp1 debug dialog
 - Added window/full screen resizing
 - Added full screen on startup
 - Settings changed to use tabs instead of what was previously used
 - Other bug fixes
 - Logging now is done to a logging window when DEBUG is defined while
 - Added cheat dialog
 - Added memory editor
 - Added Visual C++ project file
 - Added Cheat support. Largely untested.

0.7.2 -> 0.8.0

 - Moved Netlink code to its own file: netlink.c
 - Improved Netlink AT command handling. Most games using the X-Band software
   should work now.
 - Fixed a number of bugs that were causing strange behaviour in Netlink
 - Added Modem states. Online Mode is now handled correctly.
 - Added Networking code that allows two Yabause instances to communicate
   with each other. Still somewhat buggy.
cd block:
 - Fixed an issue where games that didn't specify an index along with the
   track when playing cd audio didn't work correctly.
 - Code cleanups.
 - Code cleanups.
 - Adjusted frameskip code so it skips up to a maximum of 9 frames at a time.
direct sound core:
 - Fixed a bug that was screwing up the buffer position. Now it's almost
   perfect(at the very least there's no clicks or pops anymore).
sdl sound core:
 - Fixed a bug that was screwing up the buffer position. Now it's almost
   perfect(at the very least there's no clicks or pops anymore).
software video core:
 - Polygon drawing improvements
 - Removed the silly y-axis clipping technique
 - Added a filter for clipping detection
 - Added vdp1 "end codes" in textures, but didn't find a game that use it
   yet, please report bugs.
 - Code Cleanups
 - Fixed a potential bug in polygons
 - Fixed a bug in polygon clipping
linux port:
 - Code cleanups
 - Changed a few things in configure script to fix compilation problems when
   OpenGL and/or gtkglext were not present.
 - Added a log popup window.
 - Added a screenshot window on gtk port.
 - Fixed Pause/Screenshot bug.
 - Removed the "Keep ratio" setting as it can't be done in gtk and
   replaced it by a "Fullscreen" setting.
 - Added a yabause entry in gnome and KDE application menus
 - Changed configure script so it fails on linux if --with-opengl is used
   and gtlglext is not installed.
dreamcast port:
 - Compiles and runs again.
 - Added Normal Sprite support.
 - Added Distorted Sprite support.
 - Added Scaled Sprite support.
 - Added in YabauseGetTicks support.
 - Ported VDP2 portion of software renderer.
 - Added new cd core.
 - Added very simple GUI.
 - Other bug fixes.
netbsd port:
 - Added patch to get yabause working on netbsd with cd support thanks to
   Takashi Kyohara.
windows port:
 - Added pad configuration(first pad only).
 - Added support for gamepads/joysticks.
 - Removed duplicate cd code.
 - Added a separate thread for cd access. SPTICDGetStatus is the only
   function making use of it for now.
 - Fixed fullscreen bug
 - Added dialog and settings saving/loading for Netlink stuff(disabled for now).
 - Other bug fixes.
 - Commited mac port fix by Antime.
 - Coordinate Increment Registers are now set to 1 when using the quick load
   function. It seems there's at least one game out there that doesn't want
   to set it.
 - Improved Backup Ram bios emulation functions. The only functions that
   still aren't functioning correctly are Bup Write, Bup Read, Bup Verify,
   and Bup Set/Get Date. So still no saving, but at least there's no errors
   when running games now.

0.7.1 -> 0.7.2

 - A few Netlink changes(still doesn't work).
cd block:
 - CD Block play disc command fixes and improvements. Play Modes now handled correctly.
 - Added correct Repeat counter support.
 - CD audio data is now written to its own buffer, which is then played by the SCSP.
 - CD audio data is now played by the SCSP. EFSDL and EFPAN support still needs to be added.
opengl video core:
 - glutInit is now called before any other glut function(except for on the windows port).
software video core:
 - Added normal sprite flipping(copied from scaled sprites).
 - Corrected a bug with 8 bpp color calculation in scaled and distorted sprites.
 - Fixed a bug that caused duplicated textures in 8 bpp regular sprites.
 - Distorted sprites made safer (won't read outside the texture)
 - Fixed transparency for distorted sprites.
 - Fixed scaled sprites bug in zoom points modes two points mode and C point
   upper than A.
 - Fixed a bug that was causing sprite priority problems.
linux port:
 - Fixed a gtk warning.
 - Added Joystick support.
 - Added a test in configuration dialog so input tab is displayed only when
   emulation is initialized.
 - Added NTSC/PAL setting
 - Input settings are now disabled when PERCore isn't initialized.
 - Added a sound setting tab.
macos port:
 - Added code to handle settings (everything should be working now, except
   the "browse" buttons).
 - Controls are now using the new Per* functions.
 - Fixed some bugs in combo boxes.
windows port:
 - EC Compatibility list link added to help menu.
 - Fixed an issue where default values weren't set correctly when yabause.ini
   wasn't present.
 - Fixed an issue where Yabause would go into an endless loop if bios path
   was incorrect.
 - DirectX error messages now return more info when there's an error.
 - Fixed an issue where people without hardware sound buffers on their
   sound card would have problems trying to run with sound.
 - Fixed some inaccurate information in the README.WIN file.
 - Fixed cut-off text in Memory Transfer dialog.
 - All dialog windows can now be closed using the X icon in the top-right
 - Fixed an issue where in certain cases Yabause would crash when sound
   settings were altered.
 - Some useless files were removed.
 - Moved SDL detection in "global" part of configure script as it may be used
   by all ports.
 - Fixed a weird issue where a few functions were trying to return a value
   when they obviously can't(How come GNU C compilers won't detect this?).
 - Fixed a number of things that were causing compilation issues in VC++(VC++
   still doesn't completely compile Yabause yet).
 - Configure now checks if c99 variadic macros are available.

0.7.0 -> 0.7.1

opengl video core:
 - Added polygons that use a palette.
software video core:
 - Added scaled sprites with clipping and flipping.
 - Full screen mode now working correctly.
 - Added correct support for vdp2 resolutions other than 320x224.
 - Fixed compilation issue on big endian systems.
 - Added function to software renderer for fetching width/height of the display buffer
 - Memory leak when clearing VDP1 frame buffer fixed.
linux port:
 - Added autostart and fullscreen command line switches.
 - Fixed a bug that was causing the emulator to sometimes start in using PAL
 - Added an option to choose the peripheral interface at configure time.
 - Started to move the gtk controls code into a proper peripheral core.
 - Added code so software renderer can be used without OpenGL.
 - Added --without-opengl switch to configure script to prevent OpenGL
 - Resizing is now enabled when using software renderer and opengl.
macos port:
 - Fixed a bug that was causing the emulator to sometimes start in using PAL
 - Some fixes to carbon interface (preferences should works now).
windows port:
 - Fixed a bug that was causing the emulator to sometimes start in using PAL
 - Added shortcuts to the Yabause website, forum, donation page, and the
   submit bug page to the main menu.
 - Added About dialog.
 - Fixed a potential issue when enabling/disabling auto frameskipping.

0.6.0 -> 0.7.0

 - Added Action Replay flash emulation.
cd block:
 - Fixed Read Directory/Change Directory commands. This fixes Duke Nukem 3D
   and a few others that have Netlink support.
 - Audio data is no longer stored when read by the cd block. This fixes
   Guardian Heroes.
 - other bug fixes.
 - Added function that allows developers to get easy to read information on
   the requested scsp sound slot.
 - Fixed a bug where the phase wasn't getting updated if DISDL was set to 0.
   This fixes Falcom Classics, Nadesico, and many other games using ADX.
 - Fixed a bug that was causing OCT with a setting of 0x8 to play at the
   wrong octave.
 - Fixed a bug that was causing King of Fighters 95(and possibly others) to
   go into an endless loop.
 - Improved SCU interrupt handling.
 - Fixed a bug in exts.b opcode.
 - Corrected some bugs in sh2idle
 - SCI emulation improvements
 - Added proper DOTSEL reporting.
 - Region settings are now properly preserved.
 - Changed region autodetection so it defaults to the japanese region if
   it can't autodetect.
 - Fixed a few bugs.
 - Debug info bug fixes
 - Implemented one mode of external HV latching. This fixes King of Fighters
 - External latch and sync flags are now cleared on TVSTAT reading.
 - Added speed throttle(basically skips 6 frame draws).
 - Added long writes for VCSTA, LSTA0, and LSTA1 registers.
software video core:
 - Rewrote it so it's no longer dependent on SDL.
 - Added NBG2/NBG3 support.
 - Added tile mode rendering.
 - Added frame buffer emulation.
 - Added normal sprite drawing.
 - Changed Normal Sprite drawing so that Scaled Sprite and Distorted Sprite
   functions can use it too.
 - Added some support for Scaled/Distorted Sprites.
 - Added VDP1 Polyline and Line drawing to Software renderer.
 - Fixed a bunch of bugs.
opengl video core:
 - Fixed a few issues with OpenGL initialization.
 - Fixed a window/fullscreen bug.
 - Added a smart Line Scroll/Vertical Cell Scroll interpreter.
 - Changed Color Offset so it uses the same method as the Software renderer.
 - Fixed Rotation Table reading.
 - Fixed a bug in VIDOGLVdp1PolylineDraw where coordinate reads were writing
   to invalid areas.
linux port:
 - Removed some useless debug messages and fixed the "quit" menu entry.
 - Added vdp1 debug dialog in new gtk interface.
 - Added dialog for sh2, video core switching.
 - Added reset menu entry.
 - Added about dialog.
 - Added MSH2 and SSH2 debug dialogs to the GTK interface.
 - Added transfer dialog to the new gtk ui.
 - Added empty Memory Dump dialog.
 - Added the dialog box for scsp
 - Added shortcut F7 for command Step
 - Added support for memory breakpoints in sh2 debug dialog
 - Sound is now muted when emulation is paused (in gtk interface).
 - The window data is now saved while emulation is paused.
 - Screenshot function added.
macos port:
 - Added carbon interface
 - Can now build .dmg image from .app directory
 - Other improvements
windows port:
 - Added SCSP Debug Dialog.
 - Added Reset option to menu.
 - Now uses DirectInput and DirectSound instead of SDL.
 - Added dialog for video, sound and input core switching.
 - Fixed window/fullscreen switching.
 - Added support for memory breakpoints in sh2 debug dialog.
 - Sound volume can now be adjusted in the settings dialog.
 - Sound is now muted when dialog window has focus.
 - Auto frameskip can be be enabled via video settings menu.
 - Other bug fixes.
 - Better handling of NULL string when opening a file
 - Fixed a few memory leaks
 - ISO support fixes
 - PAL support added
 - Fixed v-blank timing
 - Added auto frameskipping(still not working correctly)
 - Improved sound buffering
 - Fixed handling of invalid SH2 opcodes
 - Dummy sound core bug fixes
 - Fixed some warnings
 - Added experimental bios emulation
 - Added memory breakpoints
 - Added a function to the sound cores for setting the volume.

0.5.0 -> 0.6.0

 - accesses to Netlink addresses when Netlink was not present was causing
   errors, this has been fixed.
 - fixed DSP debugging.
 - fixed a Timer 0 bug. Fixes Shining the Holy Ark.
 - added SH2 idle detection. Speed should be significantly faster.
 - separated original core(now the "debug interpreter core") from the core
   with idle detection.
 - sh2 cores are now selectable.
 - added 68k disassembler.
 - fixed some warnings.
 - added debugging functions.
 - fixed bug that was causing garbage graphics in Albert Odyssey.
 - fixed bug that was causing graphics in Legend of Oasis to not get drawn.
 - other bug fixes.
 - fixed a few priority bugs.
 - added initial special priority emulation.
 - added fullscreen and fixed resize in Windows. Still needs quite a bit of
 - changed event handling a bit. Gained quite a bit of speed from it.
 - fixed some Mac OS X port bugs.
 - fixed some Dreamcast port bugs.
 - added proper Linux gui.
 - Fixed YGL initialization.
 - fixed some Windows ports bugs
 - other bug fixes.

0.0.7 -> 0.5.0

cd block:
 - bug fixes.
 - improved timing.
 - added Action Replay emulation.
 - added 8/32 Mbit dram emulation.
 - added 4/8/32 Mbit backup ram emulation.
 - added 16 Mbit rom emulation.
 - added very early Netlink emulation.
 - added Stephane Dallongeville's SCSP's core. Thanks again Stef!
 - fixed a couple of bugs that were causing movies to lock up.
 - added Stephane Dallongeville's 68k's core. Thanks again Stef!
 - fixed a few endian related bugs.
 - added debugger(still need disassembler though).
 - added dsp emulation.
 - added dsp debugger.
 - added indirect dma emulation.
 - added timer0 emulation.
 - bug fixes.
 - added very basic SH2 direct peripheral mode.
 - added clock change commands.
 - added slave sh2 off/on commands.
 - fixed intback command timing.
 - bug fixes.
 - added FRT, WDT, and partial UBC emulation.
 - fixed a couple of opcode bugs.
 - re-added debugger.
 - added some early dynarec code.
 - added sprite priorities.
 - added color offset.
 - bug fixes.
 - added basic rbg0 emulation(no rotation, etc.).
 - added backscreen emulation.
 - added caching.
 - added color offset.
 - added video mode changing.
 - added screen scrolling.
 - fix caching bug.
 - other bug fixes.
 - added early software video rendering. It's still pretty much unuseable at this point.


 - added binary execution.
 - rewrote entire code in C for portability and speed.
 - fixed a number of configure bugs, added a few more command-line options.
 - fixed code so it's 64-bit friendly.
 - added iso and bin/cue files support.
 - changed several parts of yabause to allow for multiple implementations of video, sound, and peripheral code..
 - added save states(currently broken unfortunately).

0.0.6 -> 0.0.7

cd block:
 - added cd interface for porters.
 - whole bunch of cd commands were added. Most games should now
   start to boot.
 - added region auto-detection.
mpeg card:
 - added basic emulation.
 - added mpeg rom loading support. 
 - bug fixes.
 - bug fixes.
 - bug fixes.
 - fixed dma.
 - lots of other bugfixes.
 - opcode optimizations.
 - added sprite caching.
 - added scaled sprites.
 - added sprite color modes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.
 - macosx color bug fixed.
 - bug fixes.
 - macosx color bug fixed.
 - bug fixes.
 - added fps counter.
 - switched to OpenGL, removed SDL_gfx.
 - yui interface added. Now each port should be able to provide
   a nice custom ui.
 - threads removed, program should be more stable now.
 - added save ram loading ability.

0.0.5 -> 0.0.6

 - added direct dma.
 - added division unit.
 - fixed endianess issue.
 - added NBG3.
 - fixed color bug.

0.0.4 -> 0.0.5

 - lot of work, the vdp2 is now capable of
   displaying the set-clock screen of the
 - added memory dump possibility.

0.0.2 -> 0.0.4

 - added debugging possibility, can now pause/resume emulation
   and execute instructions step by step;
 - opcodes are disassembled interactively.
 - early emulations of different cpu/onchip modules: scu, vdp1
   and dmac;
 - translate most of the code from french to english;
 - added synchronisation between processors;
 - yabause is now using SDL, remove all fork/ipc code and use
   SDL_Thread instead.

0.0.1 -> 0.0.2

 - "mull" is now decoded;
 - changed the way the opcodes are decoded, now using a table with pointers
   to function, should be faster.
 - now tests if the interrupt level is correct before accepting one.
 - early emulation, just throws an interrupt every half-frame.
 - vdp1 and vdp2 are now synchronized with the master sh;
 - fixed some memory bug, all the shared memory allocated is de-allocated;
 - now using configure/make, should be more portable;
 - modified things to be more c++ and less linux/c.