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  • gcc
  • A sh-elf targeted GCC toolchain (compatible with KallistiOS 1.3.x)
  • KallistiOS SVN revision 618 or higher (older versions will probably work too)
  • make


Required if compiling from cvs

  • cvs

Getting the source

You can either use a release tarball or fetch sources from CVS. It is recommended to use a released source tarball.


The latest sources are available on download page. After downloading, uncompress the archive:

tar -xzvf yabause-X.Y.Z.tar.gz 

this will create a yabause-X.Y.Z directory.


If for some reason, you want to use the latest development code, you can fetch a CVS copy:

cvs -z3 co -P yabause

This will create a yabause directory. There is no need for a configure script for the Dreamcast port.


The Dreamcast port currently has its own pre-made Makefile, and does not require any configuration.


Once configured, compilation is started by typing:

cd src
make -f Makefile.dc

This will create an unscrambled yabause.bin binary in the src directory. This (or the yabause.elf file also created) is suitable for use with dc-tool and dcload. If you would like to create a scrambled binary, you will need the scramble program. You can create a scrambled 1ST_READ.BIN file with the following command (assuming you have built scramble, and placed the binary somewhere in your PATH):

scramble yabause.bin 1ST_READ.BIN