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{{Yabause Manual}}
{{Yabause Manual}}
{{Compiling Host|build=windows|host=android}}
{{Compiling Host|build=windows|host=android}}

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Yabause Manual
For users
For developers

top » build: windows » host: android

Install dependencies

Configure the build

  • Fetch the source code in some directory
  • Create a build directory
  • Run CMake and tell it to use a toolchain file, point to the src/android/android-windows.cmake file in the yabause source code
  • Configure
  • Change YAB_PORTS value to "android"
  • Configure
  • Set NDK_BUILD to the path to the ndk-build executable in NDK directory
  • Configure
  • Set SDK_ANDROID to the path to the android.bat executable in SDK/tools directory
  • Configure
  • Set ANT to the path to the ant.bat executable in ANT/bin directory
  • Configure
  • Generate


  • Open Power Shell
  • Set JAVA_HOME: $Env:JAVA_HOME = c:\Program Files\Java\Jdk-SOMETHING
  • change directory to your build directory
  • run mingw-make.exe