Earthworm Jim 2

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Earthworm Jim 2
Earthworm Jim 2 cover.jpg
Developer Screaming Pink
Publisher Playmates Interactive Entertainment (US) Virgin Interactive (EU) Takara (JP)
Year 1996
Genre Action video games
Playable Yes
Language Japan flag.png Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Sega Retro Note 80/100

'Earthworm Jim 2' (アースワーム・ジム2) is the direct sequel to Earthworm Jim, and was released in 1996. The saturn version is enhanced in both visuals and audio compared to the mega drive and similar versions.

Version Compatibility

Version Region OS Renderer Require BIOS Compatibility
0.9.14 U Mac OSX 10.11 Software Playable, no music.

Known issues

  • No music


Gameplay Videos