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Error messages
I run but dont see any game to load!
file not found: jap.rom
Couldn't set GL mode: Couldn't find matching GLX visual
Downloaded game does not work!
When I try to run I get "Disc unsuitable for this system" error
Emulator is slow, how can I speed it up?
How do I use Yabause on OS X?
I have some questions relating to Yabause on Wii?
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I run the emulator but dont see any games!

Sega Saturn are a a 5th generatin console game, so this means that the games are on CD-ROM format.

This means that you must use a disk and not a rom dump in change to other previous console generation emulators. You can dum a disk Saturn game if you own the game, to a ISO/CUE file and then load on the Yabause emulator.

To use the emulator follow the steps at the Documentations and then put on your CD-ROM drive the "Saturn" disc game that u already have in a box full of dust.

You do not have a disc? Sorry but we do not support illegal copying of software, you must have an own game. Theres some games in network free as a beer.

Some users reports that yabause are capable of run some downloaded disc games from internet.