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Error messages
I run but dont see any game to load!
file not found: jap.rom
Couldn't set GL mode: Couldn't find matching GLX visual
Downloaded game does not work!
When I try to run I get "Disc unsuitable for this system" error
Emulator is slow, how can I speed it up?
How do I use Yabause on OS X?
I have some questions relating to Yabause on Wii?
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Emulator is slow, how can I speed it up?

By default, most of the settings Yabause uses -should- be fastest available. That being said, there's a few things you can try and see if it improves anything. Make sure "Auto frameskipping" is enabled. Also, you can try switching the video cores between OpenGL rendering and Software rendering. Also make sure there's no other programs running that could potentially interfere with Yabause. Such programs include other games, anti-virus scanners, or video players.