Marvel Super Heroes

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Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Super Heroes.png
Year 1997
Genre Fighting games
Playable Yes
Language en
Sega Retro Note 86/100

Marvel Super Heroes is a fighting game developed by Capcom.

Version Compatibility

Version Region OS Renderer Require BIOS Compatibility
0.9.12 E Linux VenenuX, Debian squeeze OpenGL/Software Fully Playable E Linux Mint 17 OpenGL/Software Playable, minor glitches with OpenGL
0.9.14 git b45ccc7f97 E Linux Mint 17 OpenGL Playable, but a lot of glitches
0.9.14 git (2015/09/03) E Windows 7 OpenGL Playable, but a lot of glitches
0.9.14 git 15/02/2016 E Ubuntu 15.10 OpenGL Playable


The game tested on 0.9.12 was a original disk not a iso.

Known issues

Background disappears with 0.9.14 git (2015/09/03). Problem solved with 0.9.14 git (15/02/2016).


Gameplay Videos

  • Marvel Super Heroes on YouTube.


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