Mass Destruction

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Mass Destruction
Developer NMS Software
Publisher BMG Interactive Entertainment
Year 1997
Genre Action video games
Playable Almost
Language Multi
Sega Retro Note

Mass Destruction puts players behind the controls of a one-man tank. The environments range from arctic to desert to urban. The player can blow up trees, buildings, walls - whatever you don't like the look. Enemies will come at you in tanks, planes, helicopters, and on foot. Each of the different weapons available to the player works best on a specific enemy. The player can use guided missiles for the helicopters and run over infantry men with the tank.

Version Compatibility

Version Region OS Renderer Require BIOS Compatibility
0.9.14 No OpenGL, yes in Software Renderer. Almost playable
0.9.15 E Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64bits OpenGL/Software, glitchy transparency effects, with different result by render. no Almost playable


  • Freeze randomly, possible causes no bios or ram cartridge set or dma option activate.

Known issues

  • Glitchy briefing load screen, in game radar display glitchy, and general glitchy transparency effects, with different result by render.(see screenshots below).


Gameplay Videos