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Warning Information on this page is out of date
Yabause Manual
For users
For developers

Things to check

The following things should be checked to make sure they're up to date and correct:

  • All source files should have a license header
  • The following files should be using the correct version number:
  • AUTHORS should be complete and accurate.
  • README if anything was changed in the compiling process(e.g. new libraries) or if there was any interface changes.
  • ChangeLog should be double-checked for accuracy and any things that need adding should be added.
  • All new text strings should be dumped and added to Transifex. Translators should know there's more to translate and updated translations should be included.

Tagging Github

Go to Github's Yabause release page. And click on "Create a new release". Follow the instructions.

Specific Ports build notes


Should be built with the following cmake settings:

  • SDL v2.0.3 installed
  • Qt 5.x series installed
  • mini18n installed
  • YAB_NETWORK enabled
  • YAB_PORTS set to "qt"
  • YAB_PORT_OSD enabled
  • YAB_WANT_C68K enabled
  • YAB_WANT_GDBSTUB enabled
  • YAB_WANT_OPENGL enabled
  • YAB_WANT_SDL enabled

Uploading packages to sourceforge

  • Login to sourceforge.
  • Go to the project's page.
  • Click on Files.
  • Click on "yabause" link.
  • Click on "Add Folder" link. Now enter in the release name(should be the version). Click on "Create".
  • Now go into the folder you just created and click "Add File". Select the file and press "Upload".
  • Click on the 'i' icon next to the file you just uploaded. Make note of the download url for editing the Yabause webpage. You can set which platform is the default by ticking off the different options under "Default Download For". When done, hit "Save".

Updating the website

Basically there's two main things that need to be done.

The first thing is updating the download page

  • Login into yabause wordpress.
  • At the dashboard, click on "Pages" on the far left column.
  • Move mouse over "Download" and select "Edit".
  • Find old Yabause version string and update.
  • For each port change the filename displayed on website, url, and date

The second thing is that a news post has to be submitted using wordpress.

  • Login into yabause wordpress.
  • At the dashboard, click on "New"->"Post".
  • Enter a title for the post, the post itself, make sure the category is checked(should be "Release")
  • When you're done click on "Publish"(or "Save Draft" if you're not ready to publish).

Congrats! You're all done!