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version number

Do we stick to 0.9.X or do we move to something else?

  • Looks like everyone agrees on 0.9.11. It's already set in the cmake branch.


The current SVN contains great number of improvements above previous releases, but also tons of regressions, before releasing we should list and fix those regressions.

regression list

Sometimes, Yabause doesn't display any sprites, as if VDP1 was turned off. You have to quit Yabause and start it again for VDP1 to work again.
blurry sprites Fixed in revision 2620
software renderer in 0.9.10
software renderer in current SVN (r2465)
fixed software renderer


A move from autotools to cmake has been started in the cmake branch. Should we release another autotools-based version or way for the cmake branch to be complete?

  • We will release the cmake branch, but that means we have to either make ports work with cmake or dump them:
    • carbon I think we should dump it: no maintainer and carbon library is not really supported anymore by Apple (no 64 bits version).
    • cocoa No idea of the current status
      • The cocoa version uses Xcode directly for building. There's really no reason to make it use CMake, in my opinion (plus, I have no experience in doing so with Cocoa/Mac OS X stuff anyway). One thing to note is that the Cocoa version does require Mac OS X 10.6 (mostly for the GCD-based renderer), so it would probably be a good idea to still build the Qt version for anyone still on 10.5. BlueCrab 16:42, 9 April 2011 (UTC)
    • dreamcast Looks like it can be build with CMake, didn't try it though
      • This one worked the last time I tried, but that was a while ago. I'll have to try it again when I get some time to do so. BlueCrab 16:42, 9 April 2011 (UTC)
    • gtk Ok
    • psp Not sure of the current status, there's a psp-cmake branch but I didn't tested it
    • qt Ok (at least on Linux)
    • wii Compiles, not sure if it runs
    • windows Ok (at least it was last time I tried)


Maybe we should review and (partially) merge what can be found on those two "branches" :

  • yabause-rr
  • wiibrew

qt port

Qt port is already working on Linux/Mac and CWX talked recently about going Qt for windows too. Are we going the Qt road for next release?


I had to close the forums due to insane amount of spam. It would be good to re-open it before the release, but with something better than minibb (at least better in handling spam)

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