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(Added info page to get into the new way of editing titles.)
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The compatibility page has been split up into templates

If you wish to update a title, go to it's corresponding template page eg. template: A,B,C,D,E,F etc... and change the title there.

alternatively, look here, and select the template you want to edit.

Titles: 0-9

Titles: A

Titles: B

Titles: C

Titles: D

Titles: E

Titles: F

Titles: G

Titles: H

Titles: I

Titles: J

Titles: K

Titles: L

Titles: M

Titles: N

Titles: O

Titles: P

Titles: Q

Titles: R

Titles: S

Titles: T

Titles: U

Titles: V

Titles: W

Titles: X

Titles: Y

Titles: Z