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This is an incomplete list of video games (∼ 750) released for the Sega Saturn video game console.

~ 459 games have been tested: 319 are playable (~ 69%), 94 are not, 46 are almost playable.

Compatibility Guidelines:

If you're submitting to the compatibility page: Beside adding one of the conditions below, please also state which version of Yabause you used, unless there is a subpage for the game. If so, state the version there instead.

Go to: 0–9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Condition Description Notes
Not Tested means that the game hasn't been tested, but added to the list.
Not Playable means that the game does not work at all. This includes getting black screen, freezing, crash logs and similar. freeze in menu, black screen, shows nothing, shows stuff (specifically you might want to clarify what is being shown)
Almost Playable means that the game works, but has too many problems that makes it impossible to play through. This includes no sound, heavy amount of graphical glitches and similar things that would make the game near impossible to complete. lots of glitches, no sound, input issues
Playable means that the game works and is fully playable with sound. minor graphical glitches can occur, sound might not be perfect etc... minor glitches, sound issues.

There is for now more than 35 playable games with a page.

Perfect means that there are no issues and the game is emulated perfectly.
Title NA PAL JP Compatibility
D 1996 Playable (0.9.12)
D-Xhird 1997 Playable (0.9.14 git)
Daikoukai Jidai Gaiden 1998 Not Tested
Daina Airan (see Dinosaur Island) 1997 Not Tested
Daisenryaku Strong Style 1997 Not Tested
Darius II 1996 1996 0.9.14 git Almost Playable, no sound, background incomplete.
Darius Gaiden 1996 Playable, sound very weak (0.9.14 git 58a6133)
Dark Legend (Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty) 1995 1995 Playable (0.9.14 git)
Dark Savior 1996 Not Playable, shows start menu only (0.9.14 git) (issue on GitHub).
Dark Seed 1995 Not Tested
Dark Seed II 1997 Not Tested
Darklight Conflict 1997 1997 Playable, sound problems ? (0.9.14 git)
Daytona USA 1995 Playable (0.8.6)
Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition

(Daytona USA: Circuit Edition JP)

1996 1997 Playable (0.9.14 git)
Daytona USA CCE NetLink Edition 1998 Not Tested
Dead or Alive 1997 Playable (0.8.6, 0.9.14 git)
Death Crimson 1996 Playable (0.9.14 git, works only with Japan bios))
DeathMask 1996 Not Tested

(Athlete Kings EU)

1996 Playable
Defcon 5 1996 Not Tested
Deep Fear 1998 Playable (0.8.6)
Derby Stallion 1999 Not Tested
Desire 1997 Not Tested
Destruction Derby 1996 1996 Playable (0.9.14 git)
Detana TwinBee Yahoo! Deluxe Pack (Detana!! Twinbee and Twinbee Yahoo!) 1995 Playable (0.9.14 git)
Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers 1997 Not Tested
Dezaemon 2 1997 Not Playable, shows start menu only (0.9.14 git)
Die Hard Arcade

(Dynamite Deka JP)

1997 Playable (0.9.0)
Die Hard Trilogy 1996 Not Playable (0.9.14 git)
Digital Monster Ver. S: Digimon Tamers 1998 Not Tested
Digimon BOX Light & Dark Not Tested
Digital Pinball: Last Gladiators 1995 1995 1995 Playable (0.9.14 git)
Digital Pinball: Necronomicon 1996 Not Tested
Dinosaur Island (Daina Airan) 1997 0.9.14 git. Problems with sound.
Dinosaur Island Trailer Not Tested

Terry Pratchett's Discworld PAL

1996 1996 Not Playable, shows nothing (0.9.14) (issue on GitHub).
Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!?

Discworld 2: Mortellement Votre FR

1997 Not Playable, shows nothing (0.9.14)
DoDonPachi 1998 Playable (Yabause git 20150605)
DonPachi 1996 Not Playable, menu only (0.9.14)
Doom 1997 Almost playable - menu works, in-game except GUI is black. 0.9.14 git (10/03/2016) : not playable, menu, in game then crashes.
Double Switch 1995 Playable (0.9.0)
Doukoku Soshite... 1998 Not Tested
Doukyuusei 2 1997 Not Tested
Dragon Force 1996 Playable (0.9.0)
Dragon Force II 1998 Playable (0.9.0)
Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Dragon Ball DensetsuJP

(Dragon Ball Z: The Legend PAL)

1996 1996 Playable (0.8.6)
Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butoden 1995 Playable (0.8.6)
DragonHeart: Fire & Steel 1996 0.9.14 git. Shows stuff.
Dragon Knight 4 1997 Not Tested
Dungeon Master Nexus 1998 Not Tested
Duke Nukem 3D 1997 Playable (0.9.12)
Dungeons & Dragons Collection (Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara and Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom 1999 Almost playable (0.9.14). Both games have some glitches.