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Last Bronx 1997 Not Tested
Langrisser I & II Not Tested
Langrisser III Playable
Langrisser IV Playable
Langrisser V: The End of Legend Playable
Langrisser Tribute Not Tested
Layer Section

(RayForce Arcade)(Galactic Attack NA/EU)

1995 1995 1995 Not Tested
Layer Section II

(RayStorm Arcade)

1997 Not Tested
  • JP Thor: Seireioukiden
  • NA The Legend of Oasis
  • EU The Story of Thor 2
1996 1996 1996 Playable
Linkle Liver Story Not Tested
Loaded 1996 Playable
The Lost Vikings 2 1997 Not Tested
Lunacy 1997 Not Tested
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete 1996 Not Tested
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete 1998 Playable