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Here's a list of all the files used in the Yabause source code and descriptions as to what the file is for.


bios.[ch]: This code handles the emulated bios(when enabled).
cd.c: This code defines the structure for the Dummy CD interface.
cdbase.[ch]: Contains code for iso and bin/cue support. It also contains the functions for the Dummy CD interface.
cd-*.c: These contain support for CD reading for the various ports.
cheat.[ch]: Contains code for applying cheat codes.
coffelf.[ch]: Contains code for loading coff files. Eventually elf support will go here too.
cs0.[ch]: Contains the basic framework for cartridge support. Also contains the code for Action Replay support, DRAM cartridge support, and Backup Ram cartridge support.
cs1.[ch]: Contains code that handles the cartidge id for a cartidge.
cs2.[ch]: Contains all the CD Block code. Also contains the basic framework for the MPEG card.
debug.[ch]: Contains code for logging(used for debugging the emulator).
error.[ch]: Exception handling code.
m68kd.c: 68k disassembler code.
memory.[ch]: Code for handling the SH2's reading and writing to various parts of the saturn hardware.
netlink.[ch]: Contains the Netlink emulation code.
peripheral.c: Handles the peripheral interface stuff. Also contains the Dummy Peripheral interface.
persdl.[ch]: Contains the SDL keyboard peripheral interface code.
persdljoy.[ch]: Contains the SDL joystick peripheral interface code.
profile.[ch] Contains the profiler code.
scsp.[ch] Contains the SCSP emulation code, Sound interface code, and Dummy Sound interface.
scu.[ch] Contains the SCU emulation code.
smpc.[ch] Contains the SMPC emulation code.
sndsdl.[ch] Contains the SDL sound interface code.
vdp1.[ch] Contains the VDP1 emulation and debug code.
vdp2.[ch] Contains the VDP2 emulation and debug code.
vidogl.[ch] Contains OpenGL video interface code.
vidshared.[ch] Contains code that's shared between the OpenGL video interface and the software video interface.
vidsoft.[ch] Contains the software video interface code.
yabause.[ch] Contains the main emulation code, also some functions to speed up loading a game.
ygl.[ch] Contains code for caching textures, etc.
yui.c Contains code for implementing a gui-less port.
yui.h Contains a list of functions that can be used in a port.