Yabause keyboard "hotkey" shortcut keys

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This is a list of shortcut keys for the SEGA Saturn emulator, Yabause. These "hotkeys" are different from interface to interface, so if one set doesn't work please try another.


Settings Ctrl+S
Open ISO File Ctrl+I
Open CD-ROM Ctrl+C
Save Game State Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+0 for the ten save states
Load Game State Alt+1 through Alt+0 for the ten save states
Save State As File Name F9
Load State From File F5
Take Screenshot Ctrl+P
Quit Ctrl+Q
Run Emulator (Toggle) F1
Pause Emulator (Toggle) F2
Reset F3
Frame Skip/Limiter (Toggle) F4
Backup RAM/ROM Manager Alt+B
Cheats List Alt+L
Cheats Search Alt+S
Transfer Ctrl+T
FPS Displaying F12
Fullscreen (toggle): Alt+Return
Log Ctrl+L


Quit Ctrl+R
Pause Emulator (Toggle) Ctrl+P
Fullscreen (Toggle) Ctrl+F
Quit Ctrl+Q