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Translations are available as subpages of this one. Currently supported languages are:

60% Of The Languages Has Been Translated

af Afrikaans
ar العربية
ca Catalá
cs čeština
da Dansk
de Deutsch
el ελληνικά
es Español
fa فارسی
fi Suomi
fr Français
he עברית
hi हिन्दी (भारत)
hu Magyar
id Bahasa Indonesia
it Italiano
ja 日本語
ko 한국어
lt Lietuvių
nl Nederlands
no Norsk
po Polski
pt Português
pt_BR Português Brasileiro
ru Pусский
sk Slovenčina
sv Svenska
tr Türkçe
zh_CN 中文 (简体)
zh_TW 正體中文 (繁體)

To add a new one, edit Yabause translation/langs and add a line to the wiki array for the new language.

To edit a translation, use the Special:Wikyts page.

Select the abbreviation corresponding to your language.

Click on Select all > Edit selected.

Once you changed/fixed everything, click on the Save button in the bottom of the page.