3D Baseball

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3D Baseball
3D Baseball cover.jpg
Developer Crystal Dynamics
Year 1996
Genre Sports video games
Playable Yes
Language E
Sega Retro Note 57/100

3D Baseball (J: 3D Baseball: The Majors) is a sports game developed and published by Crystal Dynamics.

Version Compatibility

Version Region OS Renderer Require BIOS Compatibility J Linux Mint 17 OpenGL Almost playable J Linux Mint 17 Software Renderer Playable
0.9.14 Git 2a90593bd5 J Linux Mint 17 OpenGL Almost playable
0.9.14 git (15/02/2016) J Ubuntu 15.10 OpenGL No Playable

Known issues

No field, no sky with OpenGL. Problems for displaying some menus (0.9.14 Git 2a90593bd5).

Problems with sound.

Field, sky and menus are okay with 0.9.14 git (15/02/2016), some glitches.


Gameplay Videos

  • 3D Baseball on YouTube.


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