6 Inch My Darling

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6 Inch My Darling
6IMD Saturn JP Box Front.jpg
Developer KID
Year 1998
Genre Adventure games
Playable No
Language Japan flag.png
Sega Retro Note 69/100

6 Inch My Darling is an adventure game.

Version Compatibility

Version Region OS Renderer Require BIOS Compatibility
0.9.14 git 21/02/2016 J Ubuntu 15/10 OpenGL/Software Shows nothing.
0.9.15 git 10/08/2016 J Mac OSX 10.11 Software N/A Almost Playable (0.9.15 git 10/8/16) - Lots of sound glitches... ie. constant noise.
0.9.15 git 19/08/2017 J Windows 10 15063 OpenGL N/A Almost Playable (0.9.15 git 19/08/17) - Like previous has lots of sound glitches but i was able to play throught the game quite a bit.

Known issues

Checking disc format.


Gameplay Videos

  • 6 Inch My Darling on YouTube.