After Burner II

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After Burner II
AfterburnerII sat jp frontcover.png
Developer Rutubo Games
Publisher Sega
Year 1996
Genre Shoot 'em ups
Playable Almost
Sega Retro Note 72/100

After Burner II (Sega Ages After Burner II) is an arcade-style flight game released by Sega in 1987. It is the second game in the After Burner series.

Version Compatibility

Version Region OS Renderer Require BIOS Compatibility
0.9.14 J Windows 7 OpenGL/Software Nothing.
0.9.14 git (08/03/2016) J Ubuntu 15.10 OpenGL/Software Shows nothing.
0.9.14 git (08/05/2016) J Ubuntu 16.10 Software No Playable, no sound

Known issues

Shows nothing with software renderer. Freezes during startup with OpenGL (Now loading After Burner).


Gameplay Videos

  • After Burner II on YouTube.


  • Wikipedia