Atlantis: The Lost Tales

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Atlantis: The Lost Tales
AtlantisTheLostTales Saturn EU Box.jpg
Developer Cryo Interactive
Publisher Sega
Year 1997
Genre Adventure games
Playable Almost
Language Fran├žais Flag of the United Kingdom.png Spain flag 300.png
Sega Retro Note 66/100

Atlantis: The Lost Tales is an adventure game released for the Sega Saturn exclusively in Europe. It is built very similarly to Myst, relying mainly on pre-rendered settings.

Version Compatibility

Version Region OS Renderer Require BIOS Compatibility
0.9.14 git 0197daf FR Ubuntu 15.10 OpenGL/Software renderer No In game, but freezes in the very beginning.
0.9.14 git 08/05/2016 FR Ubuntu 16.04 Software renderer No Almost playable. Sound problems.

Known issues

Intro and animations are not very smooth. Freezes randomly in the beginning of the game. Yabause is sometimes unable to quit.

Almost playable with software renderer (0.9.14 git 08/05/2016). The sound is bad and there is some micro-freezes.


Gameplay Videos

  • Atlantis: The Lost Tales on YouTube.


  • TheGamesDB