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Yabause is a cross-platform Sega Saturn emulator licensed under GPLv2+.

Getting Yabause

Release and development builds

The source can also be acquired with Git:

git clone

Compiling and Usage

Instructions on how to compile and use Yabause depends on the platform. Qt, Android, GTK, OS X Cocoa and Dreamcast ports are available. The Qt port is the most advanced desktop version and is recommended over the GTK and OS X ports. Visit the following pages for platform-specific information.

Getting Help

  • GitHub issue tracker
  • IRC ( #yabause)
    • Users on IRC are often busy, away from their computers, or in different time zones, so it may take time for a question to be answered. It's recommended to stay logged in for at least a few hours.
  • Forums


Feature Requests and Bug Reports

Let us know about feature requests and bug reports on our issue tracker The more information you can provide about your settings and setup the easier it will be to solve your issue.

Pull Requests

We accept pull requests through GitHub. See our development roadmap for potential ideas or take a look at the open issues.

Writing Documentation

Most of our documentation is contained on this wiki. Updating port usage and compiling instructions or the compatibility list are great ways to help.

Issue Triage

Confirming and following up on bugs on the issue tracker is another great way to help. This includes checking if older bugs are still valid or not. The least recently updated sort makes it easy to see the bugs most in need of checking.



Yabause is translated at Transifex.

Saturn Hardware Information



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