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file not found: jap.rom
Couldn't set GL mode: Couldn't find matching GLX visual
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How do I use Yabause on OS X?
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How do I use Yabause on OS X?

Make sure you are using the latest version of Yabause before doing anything else. Once you are sure you, begin reading below.

1.) Open Yabause. Now click Yabause next to the apple on the top of your screen. You'll get a drop down menu, select Preferences... as shown in the image below

Yabause top bar.png

2.) The first thing you will be introducted to after you have opened the preferences window, is the general tab. Here you have BIOS, MPEG ROM and Region. If you do not have a BIOS file lying around, then you can tick the "Enable BIOS Emulator", though some games may require a BIOS to work correctly. Check the compatibility page on the Yabause website or the wiki as it might tell you IF a game requires a BIOS to run. If the game you want to play does require a BIOS, and you have a BIOS file, then locate the file her. General Tab.png

Leave MPEG ROM and Region untouched.

3.) In the Video/Sound tab, you only have two options, so its pretty straight forward. For the Video Core, you can choose between "Software Video Core" or "Disable Video". Choose the first, so it matches the image

For the Audio Core, you can choose between "Core Audio Sound Core" or "Disable Sound". Choose the first, so it matches the image Video and Audio tab.png

4.)In the memory tab under Internal Memory, set the location for where you want your save games. e.g. mine is set to "/Users/CandyFace/Downloads/Yabause-0.9.14-mac/internalsaves" (internalsaves is the name of the file which should be created). This will allow you to save your games and return to them later.

if you have a cartridge, and want to save on such, eg. for example a backup RAM cartridge, then select the appropriate one and locate it afterwards. Memory tab.png

5. This step is not required but as there are no instructions as to how the control works, you might want to check the input and if not right, change them to your liking.

6.) Once that is all done, have your game ready. Select File from the top menu and select one of the two methods (ignore BIOS). Choose either "Run CD-ROM" if you are trying to play via a physical disc or virtual drive or "Run Image" if you are trying to play via a digital backup from such as a ISO or Bin/Cue.

Your game should now start up.