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Sometimes you may come across a bug in Yabause, whether it be emulation related, UI related or whatever. It's always important to report bugs so they get fixed. But what's really important is not only that you found the bug, but all the things surrounding it.

So what to do?

In order to figure this out, you first have to keep track of which version of the software you're using, which OS you're running, etc. This may be vitally important to why the bug has appeared. Next keep track of everything you've done during that session, or better yet try to see if you can reproduce the bug. Is this a new bug? Was this working in an older version? When did it stop working? Find that out too. Once you've done that you have a few options. You can either Submit a bug report or you can discuss it on the forums.

Submitting bug report

You can submit a bug report by clicking here. Under "Labels", choose the one that best suits the bug you found. If unsure, leave it as. For the title enter in a descriptive, yet simple title such as: "Sprites not drawn correctly in some cases". And under "Detailed Description", do exactly as it says :) If you aren't logged in as a Github user, please provide a means to contact you in case we have questions. Remember, report only -one- bug per report. Improperly filed reports usually get handled last, or often times end up getting deleted(especially if there's no way of contacting the submitter).

Discussing on forum

You can also talk about the bug on the forum too. This may help in cases where the bug needs a good amount of explaining or you'd like some feedback. You can reach the forum by clicking here.