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The MPEG card is an add-on device that handles MPEG-1(ISO 11172) decoding for games that supported it. It also has a built in ROM that allows the user to play Video and Photo CD's. VCDs and XVCDs must be encoded to be VCD compliant. All communication with the device goes through the CD Block using commands. Video output normally goes directly to the VDP2, but it can be changed so it's received through the CD Block. Sound output goes directly to the SCSP.

Games known to support the MPEG card

  • Chisato Moritaka Ra Ra Sunshine (disc 1)
  • Falcom Classics 1 (disc 2 of limited edition)
  • GunGriffon 1 (JPN version only)
  • Lunar Silver Star Story complete MPEG version (mpeg card required)
  • Moon Cradle
  • Sakura Taisen Hanagumi Tsuushin
  • Sakura Taisen Nekki Radio Show (Steam Radio Show)
  • Sentimental Graffiti (disc 2)
  • Vatlva
  • Wangan Deadheat + Triangle Love


Registers from SH1 space:

Address Description
0xA100000 Interpolation(bits 4-7), display enable(bit 1)
0xA100006 X position
0xA100008 Y position
0xA100012 Border color