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Authenticate Device(0xE0)


CR1 0xE000
CR2 Authentication type(word) - Use either 0x0000 for CD, 0x0001 for MPEG card.
CR3 ???(high byte)
CR4 0x0000

Returns: CD status data

HIRQ MPED(if authenticating MPEG card), EFLS and CSCT(if authenticating CD)

Notes: Goes to busy status until operation completes. I'm not sure what goes in CR3, but 0x0000 should be fine.

Get Device Authentication Status(0xE1)


CR1 0xE100
CR2 Authentication type(word) - use either 0x0000 for CD, 0x0001 for MPEG card
CR3 0x0000
CR4 0x0000


CR1 CD Status(high byte)
CR2 Authentication status(see notes)
CR3 0x0000
CR4 ???(word)

Notes: Returns the status of the authenticate device command. For CD type, it'll return:

0x0000 No CD/Not Authenticated
0x0001 Audio CD
0x0002 Regular Data CD(not a Saturn disc!)
0x0003 Non-original Saturn disc
0x0004 Original Saturn disc

MPEG card type returns:

0x0000 No MPEG card/Not Authenticated
0x0002 MPEG card Present

Get MPEG Card Boot ROM(0xE2)


CR1 0xE200
CR2 Sector read offset(word)
CR3 Filter/buffer number?(high byte)
CR4 Number of sectors(word)

Returns: CD status data


Notes: Copies the specified part of the MPEG ROM into the CD buffer, which you can then retrieve using the Get/Get Then Delete Sector commands, etc.

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